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Yisroel from Salford

“Steve is, indeed, highly recommended! He is a superb instructor. He has brilliant techniques to teach driving in the most effective manner. He brought me up to standard to pass easily and, more importantly, to continue driving in a skilled and safe fashion.  Steve is a natural teacher and remained calm and unruffled even when I made mistakes. I recommend Steve to any friend who wants to learn to drive. Thank you, Steve!”
I hope we can stay in touch.
Regards, Yisroel from Salford

Yaakov C from Salford

Hi Steven!  Just a small note of thanks and appreciation, for teaching me to drive with such patience and dedication!  Professional, Perfectionist & Punctual-in all matters of driving you do excel, to all my friends about you I will tell!  Now that I have bought a car of my own for the whole family, your instruction will always safely guide me!  Wishing you well with success in everything that comes your way, you should have good health and happiness every single day!!

Regards Yaakov C from Salford

Abbie from Whitefield

Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. I will carry these skills with me for the rest of my driving career.  You have been patient and accommodating in my experience. I will truly miss my lessons with you.

Continue making miracles happen!!

Best wishes, Abbie from Whitefield

Shimmy from Salford

I would like to thank you for all the driving lessons and an hour’s that you spent with me. You taught me with so much patience and I feel very secure and comfortable in the car. You are the number 1 teacher on the road!!

Shimmy from Salford

Chaya from Prestwich

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you put over the year making me into the safe and confident driver I am now. I always felt so at ease with you guiding me to be the best I can be, though sometimes it was stressful, I always knew you were there behind me pushing me on. I can’t thank you enough for everything, and I will always truly appreciate it. Hope to see you around. Thanks again, Chaya from Prestwich

Yisroel B from Salford

Hi, Steve hope you ok. It really made a big impression on me, that even though it was a stressful situation with the major traffic and you were running late for next session, how you stayed so calm and not getting upset, it was really the best lesson for me how to react to traffic… not getting frustrated, you are a great teacher.

Many thanks, Yisroel B from Salford

Yossi from Salford

Dear Steve, This is just a small note of appreciation to show you how grateful I am for all the time we spent together as I learned to drive. You are really an amazing driving teacher! For each and every lesson I learned how to be a good and safe driver. May you have much health, happiness and everything good.

Regards, Yossi from Salford

Yasmin from Salford

“Steve has been a wonderful instructor, from day one his charm has filed me with many lessons of laughter!  He’s taught me to be of the best standard!  And after 6 instructors he’s changed my way of thinking on the road!  He offers much support and is always a phone call away for any concern!  He is the best driving instructor by far!  I wouldn’t worry about the cost of driving, as he makes every lesson match your level and ability to get your goal of the licence; when you are ready!  Thank you for everything!”


Passed First Time

Steve is AMAZING!! Passed first time with two minors. As a nervous person, Steve has been so helpful with keeping me calm (and keeping calm himself when I made mistakes) and building my confidence. I can’t recommend you enough thank you so much, Steve !!

Lucy Branney

Passed First Time!

Steve is a wonderful instructor who helped me pass my test first time! He provides practical skills and also taught me how to be a confident driver in order to enjoy the experience of being on the road safely. Lessons were packed full of great information that will stay with me. Steve is patient, calm and fun to learn with. He takes the time and effort to identify strengths and weaknesses to then tailor the best method for improvement and gives very useful feedback based on his years of experience. Thank you Steve!

Mai from Whitefield


I passed with Steve, who is a fantastic and caring driving instructor.

If I wasn’t sure about something he would always happily go over it until I felt confident.

Unlike most driving instructors who try and get you to do a test asap before you even ready, Steve will tell you when your ready, this gives a higher pass rate.

Thanks for your high quality lessons!

I highly RECOMMEND Steve 🙂

Emma joseph
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