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How many lessons will I need?

How many lessons?


How many driving lessons any pupil needs will vary with each individual. No matter what skills any person learns, the time it takes to master those skills varies dramatically.  What so many people forget is that 24 driving lessons is only the equivalent to one days driving.  Yet people think that they can pass one of the hardest driving tests in the world with less than a day’s experience.


Every pupil will require a different amount of driving lessons.  “How many lessons will I need?” The simple answer is that I do not know until I have seen you drive. So book an assessment and I will be able to give you a more precise idea.


So many new drivers are involved in accidents within their first two years simply because so many are only interested in getting cheap driving lessons. The skills that your driving instructor teaches you on your driving lessons will help keep you safe and even alive once you have passed your driving test.  When thinking of which driving school to book, far too many ask themselves “Which driving school is the cheapest?” When they should be asking themselves “How much is my life worth?”


The UK driving test is now one of the hardest driving tests in the world to pass. So many pupils think they will only need ten or fifteen hours.  What pupils fail to grasp is that 24 one-hour driving lessons is only one day’s worth of experience. Could you learn to play a piano in one day? Even the DVSA suggest that anybody attempting the driving test needs an average of forty-eight hours worth of professional driving tuition. Even that is only the equivalent of one weekend of driving. Be realistic and remember that one day your safety will depend on the skills you mastered on your driving lessons.


Could you learn to play a musical instrument in a weekend to such a standard that you could earn a living playing it? This is doubtful. Strange question to ask but so many people think they can learn to drive in just ten to fifteen hours. They fail to appreciate that twenty-four hourly driving lessons is only one days worth of driving experience.  I teach my pupils enough skills not only to pass one of the hardest driving tests in the world but enough competence that the pupil is safe after passing the driving test. 


Newly qualified drivers have far too many accidents in their first two years of driving because so many simply book with cheap driving schools.


Learn properly and keep yourself safe!


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